About us

Mała Akademia opened in March 2010. Our building was designed especially for this purpose. It is a one-storeyed detached house with three rooms, a dining room and a playroom for extra-activities.

Our building is surrounded by a fence, which makes it safe for the children. We have two playgrounds – the little one is next to the building and the big one, about 700 square metres, takes a little walk to get to.

Our children get four meals a day – breakfast, lunch and two snacks. One of the snacks always consists of fresh fruit. Water is always available for the children.

Our aim is to make each child feel happy in our preschool. We have small groups, about 15 children, so it is easy for us to take care of every child in the best possible way.

We invite children from the age of 18 months. Our preschool is open all year!

In 2011/2012 school year there will be three groups:

Little Fish - 2-3 year old children

Little Bees - 3-4 year old children

Little Tigers - 4-5 year old children



Przedszkole i żłobek Mała Akademia powstaje w budynku nowego ośrodka zdrowia w Rybnej. Placówka posiada oddzielne wejście, projekt  spełnia wszystkie wymagania stawiane tego typu placówkom.

Mała Akademia w Rybnej posiada trzy bardzo duże sale oraz dwie małe.